SBIR Labs Training

This hands-on, in-person workshop series is designed to support small businesses through critical milestones in preparing and submitting SBIR/STTR proposals for federal grant funding.  Participants are eligible to attend two workshops and utilize resources and consultation services free of charge.  The program includes three stages:


1)  Getting Started:  Intro to SBIR/STTR and Feasibility Analysis

Participate in the CTC’s ½ Day ‘Intro to SBIR/STTR Workshop’

“Is SBIR/STTR right for me?  If so, how do I start?”  Find out in this introductory workshop.  Discuss what it takes to win a federal grant award, including understanding your audience, proposal content areas, intellectual property considerations, and commercialization path data to gather before you begin writing your proposal.

Following your participation in the workshop, you gain access to the following resources:
  • CTC’s Technical Information Guides
  • CTC webinars:
     ·  Electronic Registration & Submission
     ·  Budget Setup    
     ·  Accounting Best Practices

 2)  Gathering and Organizing Your Information:  Tools and Consultant Support

Once you are ready to begin composing your proposal, the CTC provides tools and one-on-one consultant support to assist you throughout the process.  Our resources help you better understand the details of solicitation requirements and navigating registration.  Experienced consultants guide you through options as you consider how to present the commercial applications of your innovation, and provide practical tips on how to develop your market approach.  You gain access to the following:

  • Up to 20 hours of individualized consulting time from the CTC, with the possibility of additional time with a third party service provider,
  • With pre-approval, optional reimbursable purchase of SBIR/STTR document templates with a 2-hour consultation, provided by a third party vendor ($500),
  • With pre-approval, optional reimbursable purchase of up to eight SBIR/STTR online, on-demand training videos of your choice from an SBIR/STTR preparation library, provided by a third party vendor ($30 each).


3)  Writing, Reviewing, Revising:  Proposal Preparation Assistance

Participate in the CTC’s ½ Day workshop ‘Prepare & Submit:  How to Write a Winning Proposal’

“I’m ready to start writing my proposal, but how do I make it competitive?”  Work directly with consultants to plan your approach in this half-day interactive learning workshop.  With practical illustrations, the CTC will offer advice on how to communicate a research approach with market significance.  You will leave with a stronger understanding of how to develop a feasible budget and specific aims, an important first step as you prepare to talk with an SBIR/STTR federal program manager.

Following your participation in this workshop, you will be guaranteed a spot in our agency-specific mock panel reviews, which provide individualized feedback from a panel of SBIR/STTR experts.  Consider this a test submission of your final draft proposal; you will receive valuable constructive criticism and advice from experts to incorporate into your proposal before submitting your federal agency grant application.

For additional assistance with proposal preparation, ask a CTC Consultant about our . Rolling admissions in this program are available for July 2016- June 2017 .  This program funds work with approved third party service providers to assist with proposal writing and review.

 To Participate in SBIR Labs

1.  with a to discuss whether this program is a good fit for your business concept and determine which elements of SBIR Labs best fit your needs.

2.  After you have met with a , you will need to register for the first workshop. 

In preparation for the workshop, please consider the following questions:
  •  What is your business concept as based on your innovative technology?
  •  Describe your proposed product/service/innovation.
  •  What problem does your produce/service/innovation solve?
  •  How much consumer market research have you conducted so far?
  •  Who is on your technical and business team(s)?
  •  What federal agency are you planning to submit an SBIR/STTR application to?


Additional Information
Questions about your SBIR/STTR application may be directed to your . For all other questions please contact the Program Manager at .