Pre-Submission Review Panels

Pre-Submission Expert Panel Reviews

This free service helps clients increase their potential for federal funding approval. Our multidisciplinary panels mimic the federal agency’s review process and taps reviewers with experience in SBIR/STTR funding, technology commercialization and/or technical expertise. Our goal is to provide you with actionable recommendations regarding your draft ahead of your SBIR/STTR submission deadline. This is intended to be a high-level review of proposals in final draft form.

Review Panel Format:

  1. Clients register for the appropriate review panel event (see registration links below).
  2. Proposals are emailed to CTC ( and ).
  3. Proposals are sent to our panel of expert reviewers. CTC includes confidentiality measures to protect your idea.  
  4. Reviewers and CTC reconvene to discuss proposals and provide feedback. Clients DO NOT attend review.
  5. Review results are emailed to clients with notes from CTC.