Intelligent Composites Emerges as Finalist in GBP Contest

From 292 entries, 13 teams have been named finalists in the Governor’s Business Plan contest. The CTC is proud to announce our client Intelligent Composites, the brainchild of UWM Distinguished Professor Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi, has made it to this final round. Now in its eleventh year, the contest has proven to be an invaluable experience for innovators seeking to bring their technologies to market.
Dr. Rohatgi has developed an aluminum composite that reduces the weight and provides solid lubrication – hence, increasing the fuel efficiency – of civilian and military vehicles. As a researcher, he knew his ideas were valuable, but was inspired by the GBP Contest to pursue a means of circulating these ideas beyond the typical academic trajectories of teaching and publishing. The various mentors Dr. Rohatgi met with throughout the GBP contest have prepared him to embrace the challenges that accompany bringing a highly innovative product to market. CTC Consultant Dave Linz lent his own expertise on commercialization strategies, which Dr. Rohatgi claims was “a tremendous help.” He adds, “I’ve been very grateful for the constructive guidance and coaching I’ve received in developing this business plan.”
Spurred on by his involvement in the GBP contest, Dr. Rohatgi is now working to produce these composites in Wisconsin. He states, “We don't intend to drop the ball, because we see the potential of our ideas and have a more organized view of our markets, which we didn’t have before the contest. This could be a $200 million industry and create 2000 jobs, and make the Wisconsin industries who use these materials more competitive.”
Dr. Rohatgi will present his business plan to an audience of judges and venture capitalists at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Madison on June 3rd. The CTC wishes Dr. Rohatgi and his Intelligent Composites team the best of luck on their upcoming presentation as well as in their future business pursuits!