Innovation Rewarded

SBIR Advance awardee speaks about using customer feedback to bring technology to market. 

Medical CyberWorlds

SBIR awardee and SBIR Advance awardee helping solve medical errors caused by faulty clinician communications. 

SBIR Funding Provides a Clear Advantage to Emerging Energy-Efficient Window Technology. 


CTC helps power the commercialization of C-Motive Technologies' revolutionary new lightweight motor. 


CTC assists Radom Corporation with commercialization of plasma generation device.  


Simplex Scientific works to improve internal blood loss measurement.  

 Ideadvance training helps Intelligent Composites successfully identify lucrative market.

 NRU uses SBIR funding to unveil full-scale phosphorus treatment pilot.


NRU secures a $450,000 grant to commercialize their water treatment technology.



Imbed Biosciences wins another federal grant, a Phase II NIH grant worth $1.5 million, to commercialize their ultrathin wound dressing material.



Isomark wins a $1.7 million NIH grant to fund the commercialization of their innovative medical device, the Canary.

Metamodeling Analytics has been awarded a $50,000 Grant for their software, SmartUQ, from the Milwaukee Institute.



Thalchemy participates in NSF iCorps program helping them to win a $150K NSF Phase I SBIR award. 



Nanocrystalline Diamond (NCD) Technologies named to R&D Magazine's 100 Awards of the top technology producs of 2013. 

Persistence pays off for Pewaukee-based V-Glass LLC, which continues to advance its innovative vacuum-insulating technology closer to commercialization.

Marvel MedTech of Verona, WI is detecting breast cancer early and with minimal invasiveness with their interventional MRI technology.  

Madison-based NitricGen Inc., winner of the 2013 Governor’s Business Plan Contest, anticipates a 2016 roll out of its first product, the eNO Generator, a portable device that produces gaseous nitric oxide (NO) from room air to treat chronic diabetic foot ulcers.  


fiberstar bio logo

Fiberstar Bio-Ingredients Technologies, Inc. (Fiberstar Bio) of Eau Claire, WI, is helping to clear the consciences of foodies and sweet tooths alike with innovative bio-based ingredients that help to lower the caloric content of food. 

With the help of Imbed Biosciences, Inc.’s specialization and innovative development of antibacterial wound dressings, burn and surgical patients can begin to avoid some agony associated with painful dressing changes. 

Advanced Chemical Systems and CTC

Advanced Chemical Systems Inc. (ACS) of Milwaukee, WI is innovating water pollutant detection with their cutting edge Optical Sensory Array Technology (OSAT). Dr. Peter Geissinger developed the patented technology at the University Milwaukee, and together with ACS, they are using propagating light emissions as a means to detect trace metals.  

Whole Trees and CTC

Focused on providing cost effective and environmentally friendly building materials, WholeTrees is a five-year-old company that uses round timber as a viable alternative to steel and concrete in commercial and residential building. WholeTrees won the 2011 National Clean Tech Open Competition and just has been awarded a Phase II SBIR grant from the USDA assisted by the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN).  

Pan Genome Systems and CTC

Adel M. Talaat has taken the leap from Ph.D. to CEO, and expanded his acronym awareness from ADGE (array differential gene expression) to SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). An associate professor in UW-Madison’s Department of Pathobiological Sciences, he became chief executive officer of Pan Genome Systems Inc