Applying for SBIR/STTR Funding

Together, we have evaluated and we’ve planned. Now we’re ready to apply for the SBIR/STTR federal funding program (or other types of funding available) to help you grow.  

Aligning the Development of your Technology with SBIR/STTR Funding Phases

SBIR/STTR funding is a three-phased program aligned to advance your idea or innovation towards commercialzation. 

Phase I funds development of a proof of concept, Phase II funds development of a prototype and Phase III is designed to facilitate successful commercialization.  

SBIR roadmap


Your support team will walk you through the federal funding registration process so that you can receive an award.  

Preparing your Proposal Submission Draft

You will likely spend at least 100 hours on your submission. During this phase, you will meet periodically with your team - including your CTC Consultant and any Service Providers - to prepare all the necessary draft forms and documents that will become a part of your application. This includes such things as your Research Plan, Commercialization description, Bios and BioSketches, Budget, Letters of Support and many forms required by the agencies.

Assistance is crucial at this stage, even if you have already received funding for your work at a research institution, or if you have been funded by another agency, as each agency is different and there are many nuances.   

Plan Well in Advance for Final Review to Increase your Chances for Success

It is best if you can plan well in advance, since there are a series of reviews designed to strengthen your proposal and increase your chances of success that we provide after your drafts are completed but prior to submitting your proposal. 

Your Service Provider and our Consultant will work with you extensively on reviewing your drafts and providing helpful comments. It is critical to have as many eyes on your work as possible since more reviewers are likely to catch more errors or omissions. As you know, it's always of benefit to have editors and proofers!

We typically require at least 36 hours to edit and provide commentary ourselves. In addition, we host pre-submission review panels periodically that provide greatly increase your chances of success.

Pre-Submission Review Panels

Our consist of domain experts who specialize in reviewing scientific and technical proposals or in reviewing commercialization plans. These experts are often in industry and are frequently not among our Service Providers. We pay these experts an honorarium to score your proposal for fundability and to provide additional input.